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Welcome to my APUSH blog for the school year! Here I'll keep you posted on what we've been up to in class.

So far so good! The kids really nailed the first test. It was in 3 categories and average score in each was an A! They took the Era 2 Test recently and I'll score them this coming week. The students have been focused and ready to chase down history. I've really enjoyed my

time with them!

Right now we are exploring the question, "Why are the colonists revolting?" There is a classic account that answers this question that is summed up by the Schoolhouse Rock video called "No More Kings." It's an oversimplified version of events and though it's what many believe, it's not accurate.

There is a second, more cynical account from a British historian that we took a look at.

Now its up to your child to develop Account 3, their take on what the Revolution was all about. To do so we'll chase down some history in the form of the Sons of Liberty, the crazy Stamp Act riot, and the Declaration of Independence.

I've told the kids that often in history a topic seems pretty simple and clear cut from a distance. When we pull back the layers of history, things get complicated, and in the process, so fascinating! We'll see what they come up with!

The students and I will continue working on their writing and keep moving through 500 years of history! More next time!


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